I was born and raised in Chania, Crete. My father is a Cretan fisherman and my mother was Scottish. I was brought up in the small neighbourhood of Halepa on the outskirts of the city, just by the sea.  I spent my childhood outdoors in the fields or by the water free to roam around as I pleased. We had a family seafood restaurant where we would all spend most of our evenings.

I am extremely grateful to have been brought up in a place so beautiful with a family so loving and food offered by the sea.

I left Greece when I was 18 to study in the UK. I studied psychology and went on to do a postgraduate in Forensic Psychology. I worked in the field for a while when I decided to explore the world a little more and began my travels in Europe and Ecuador. Throughout this time I became more and more passionate about food and cooking. It felt like my true passion was ignited again. I returned to Crete and worked in the kitchen of our restaurant with my brother, which was an incredible experience and learning curve.

When I realised I needed more knowledge and experience I returned to the UK and came to London.

I still remember the day I walked into Moro asking for a job. Moro had always been my favourite restaurant since I was a student. I used to save up and take the train to London for an indulgent meal at Moro as a special treat.

I started at Moro as a waitress and with hard work, persistence and passion I entered the kitchen. With time I became head chef and have now helped open the new Morito in Hackney road. 

My path in becoming the person and chef I am today has been shaped by my beautiful family, my amazing friends and my never ending curiosity to go to new places and learn new things.