Cretan Ntakos with cured anchovies

(barley rusks with grated tomato and fresh goat’s cheese)

Cretan Ntakos with cured anchovies

Recipe by Marianna Leivaditaki


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  • 2 Cretan barley rusks

  • 3-4 very ripe red tomatoes

  • 1 tablespoon of preserved capers

  • 1 small handful of good quality olives

  • 1 small red onion

  • 150 grams of Cretan Mizithra (traditional goat’s cheese) or fresh goats curd

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Sea salt

  • Oregano

  • 4-6 fillets of cured anchovy in oil


  • Grate the tomatoes using the coarse holes of a box grater and place in a bowl.
  • Finely dice the red onion.
  • To serve, place the rusks in a shallow bowl and pour the grated tomato on top. Arrange the goat’s cheese on top of the tomato and scatter the olives, capers, and onion all over. Pour a generous amount of olive oil over the top, sprinkle some sea salt and oregano and finish with the anchovy fillets.


  • You can turn this into what we call a Cretan salad by adding some cucumber, sliced tomatoes, green peppers, some pickles and whatever else you fancy.
  • This is an all-time staple in Crete during the summer months when the tomatoes are so ripe you can smell them being grated from a distance. For us it was the snack to have after a long day on the beach sitting on the veranda with a cold beer and getting ready for the evening outing.