Pan fried red mullet with rosemary, vinegar

This is a fantastic way to have fish. The flavours are punchy and make this dish the perfect mezze to have with a cold beer. Feel free to use any fish you like for this; they can be whole or filleted. Just use whatever pleases you more.


Grilled chicken fillets with artichokes & spiced feta & fenugreek pot

My memories of artichokes go hand in hand with memories of some kind of semi traumatic occurrence; bees, nettles, spikes. If it wasn’t the bees whose hives where just there it was the artichokes with their sharp spikes that got me. I thought I was careful and organised when I walked to the artichoke field after lunch. It was the best time in the day as Thia Koula and Thios Nikos went to sleep for an hour or so after…


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